Why Esplanda?

We provide every resource & tools a physical business needs to go online hassle-free, build as a brand, increase sales and book profits with complete automation.

Why Esplanda
Personalized marketing

Personalized Website & App

  • Launch your fully-featured Website & App to take your business to the online world.
  • List 4,00,000+ product images & descriptions in one-click.
  • Integrate multiple payment modes, inventory and easy checkout process that provide an amazing shopping experience to customers.
  • All-in-one Smart Dashboard to manage your entire business from one-place.

Complete Marketing Automation & Built-in CRM

  • A complete kit to handle your marketing campaigns with automation
  • To Promote your brand and drive you more customers, sales and profits.
  • Provide smart marketing tools integration with email services, social media platforms, business listings, marketplaces and SEO.
  • Build strong engagement with customers with built-in CRM.
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End-to-End Delivery/Shipping Automation

  • Provide third-party supply chain integration to handle end-to-end processes from receiving orders to delivery/shipping to customers by click of a button.
  • AI-based Inventory Management Software for accurate inventory prediction, easily manage inventory and do supply & demand analysis.
  • Built-in POS System to analyze & predict the real-time market demand, optimize inventory and increase sales and profits.
  • Automate Pick-up orders to Delivery/Shipping process with our third-party suppliers integration.

What Our Clients Say About Us

review 1

Our business has grown by 30% in the past year since joining Esplanda, and that growth has come not just from orders we receive through its platform, but also through our in-store business, expanding our reach from a few blocks to a five mile radius.


Craft BEER Cellar, Westford
review 2

Because of Esplanda we can expand our inventory to include more craft beer and single malts. Because of this expanded inventory we’ve also seen more people coming into the store that would’ve gone elsewhere or driven farther to get these products.

John Bogart

Quality Liquors
Liquor Store app

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With Esplanda Liquor & Grocery stores can get more sales than ever before!

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