Why Pay 10-15% of Your Revenues to Someone?

It’s Your Brand, Your Products, Your Customers, then why pay 10-15% of your hard earned revenue to others, when we know that margins are already thin. That’s why, every business needs to run independently by owning their own brand, website, app, and customers.Esplanda provide everything you need, to run your business independently with huge profits.

Your Brand, Your Website, Your App, Your Customers

Our feature-rich technology enables retailers to build, market & scale business Freely.

Marketing tool

Your Brand

  • Built-in POS System provide real-time inventory management, orders fulfillment and powerful analytics integration in one-click
  • All-in-one Smart Dashboard to monitor orders, payments, billing and sales analytics to find supply & demand
  • Complete Catalog Management system to add catalog and products with hassle-free process to let customers find & order products quickly
  • End-to-End Supply Chain Automation with multiple delivery zones, from pick-up orders to delivery/shipping to customer's doorstep.

Your website

  • Personalize your website and take your business to the online world.
  • List 4,00,000+ product images, descriptions, categories and ratings automatically matched & uploaded in one-click.
  • Enable third-party integrations for search bar, push notifications, payment gateway, billing and end-to-end supply chain automation.
  • Drive more new customers on your website and turn into customers by using our built-in tools.
Your website
your mobile app

Your app

  • Stand out your brand with a personalized mobile app support for iOS & Android.
  • Provide Omnichannel shopping integration to improve customers shopping experience.
  • Multiple payment modes & seamless checkout process integration to increase sales and revenue.
  • AI-based Inventory Management tool to reduce risk of over inventory and run business profitably.
  • Smart Analytics to monitor customers purchasing activities, predict supply/demand and analyze most relevant suggestions for upsell products.

Your customers

  • Smart Marketing Tools Integration with Email providers, social media platforms, SEO and marketplaces.
  • Built-in CRM to increase engagement with customers and recommend most relevant products for upsell.
  • Full Marketing Automation to get you more customers, sales and profits.
  • Increase brand awareness and build engagement with customers to promote latest offers & products with our automated email marketing campaigns.
  • Push Notifications to promote new product arrivals, discounts, advanced recommendations and best offers to keep engaging customers.
Your customers

What Our Clients Say About Us

review 1

Our business has grown by 30% in the past year since joining Esplanda, and that growth has come not just from orders we receive through its platform, but also through our in-store business, expanding our reach from a few blocks to a five mile radius.


Craft BEER Cellar, Westford
review 2

Because of Esplanda we can expand our inventory to include more craft beer and single malts. Because of this expanded inventory we’ve also seen more people coming into the store that would’ve gone elsewhere or driven farther to get these products.

John Bogart

Quality Liquors

With Esplanda Liquor & Grocery stores can get more sales than ever before!

Is Your Store Ready to Grow?

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