Solve Your End-to-End Supply Chain Needs in One Place

Our Third-Party Integration system helps you to deliver your orders to your customers by click of a button

Order fulfillment can be a complex process for others, but Not For You!!

With Esplanda, you can automate everything from pick-up orders to delivery/shipping to customers doorstep by using smart built-in tools.

Built-in POS System

By using our built-in POS System, you can easily predict & manage real-time inventory.

Enable you to monitor customer’s activities on the website/app and track sales data to accurately predict supply & demand of the products. 

Useful for Inventory Management, Optimization and reduce the risk of over inventory. 

It fulfill customers’ demand and increase business profitability.

Image module
Image module

AI-based Inventory Management

Our AI-based Inventory Management tool allows you to manage inventory hassle-free. Easily update inventory & list products, images, description, rating and categorisation in just one-click.  

Provide customer satisfaction, higher space utilization and reduce sales returns.

End-to-End Delivery/Shipping Automation

Provide third-party integration to automate everything from pick-up orders to delivery/shipping to customers in one-click. Provide customer’s multiple order fulfillment options including same-day delivery, in-store pick-up and delivery/shipping to multiple delivery zones.

Expand delivery/shipping reach and increase customers satisfaction.

Image module
Order Management

Fully Order Management Dashboard

All-in-one Dashboard to manage inventory, orders, payments, billing, delivery/shipping from one-place. Use push notifications to update customers about their orders via email, application and text. 

A user-friendly & insightful dashboard to update new arrival products, add promo codes, promote new offers/sale and set up store timing & delivery/shipping locations within a few clicks. 

Get complete control over your business from one-place.

What Our Clients Say About Us

review 1

Our business has grown by 30% in the past year since joining Esplanda, and that growth has come not just from orders we receive through its platform, but also through our in-store business, expanding our reach from a few blocks to a five mile radius.


Craft BEER Cellar, Westford
review 2

Because of Esplanda we can expand our inventory to include more craft beer and single malts. Because of this expanded inventory we’ve also seen more people coming into the store that would’ve gone elsewhere or driven farther to get these products.

John Bogart

Quality Liquors

With Esplanda Liquor & Grocery stores can get more sales than ever before!

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