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Esplanda is First & Only Solution for Liquor Stores / Grocery Stores / Preschools…By providing a Modern Website, App, Marketing and other necessary tools your business needs to grow with Huge-profits. It’s time to take your business from Local to Global with Esplanda.

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Our Team

Sandeep Bajaj
Sandeep Bajaj
Founder & CEO

As Founder & CEO of Esplanda, Sandeep Bajaj is a Results-oriented Visionary with a Unique Background in Software Engineering and Design. Prior to Esplanda in 2019, he spent a decade at LogMeIn, where he served as Director to VP, Read more...

Rajendra Patidar
Raj Patidar
Marketing Director

I am a Marketing Director at Esplanda. With my 5+ years of experience in the Industry, I believe that marketing plans have to change according to the situation. My expertise and up-to-date knowledge of SEM, SMM, Read more...

Gaurav Hindustani
Gaurav Hindustani
Marketing Operations Manager

I am a Marketing Operations Manager at Esplanda. With my 3+ years of experience in the Marketing Industry, I monitor performances for lead generation campaigns, marketing activities, campaigns performance analysis Read more...

Rohit Kumar
Rohit Kumar
UX Designer

I am a UX Designer at Esplanda. With my 7+ years of Experience in the Designing Industry, I work on designing parts for mobile & website interfaces. Skilled in HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Design, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Read more...

Vipin Gupta
Vipin Gupta
Content Marketer

I am a Content Marketer at Esplanda. With my 3+ years of experience in Content Industry, I generate content related to Web pages, articles, blogs, videos, social media posts and email scripts that helps to achieve business goals Read more...

Vishal Sinha
Director of Backend Operations

I am a Director of Backend Operations at Esplanda. With my 6+ years of experience as backend developer, I focused on designing & managing the entire backend operations of the company’s website. Skilled in Yii, Read more...

Suryakant Gupta
Suryakant Gupta
Director of Web Development

I am a Director of Web Development at Esplanda. With my 5+ years of Experience in Web Development, I specialized in technologies like PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Jquery, WordPress & Drupal for web development. Read more...

Yogesh Wadhwa
Director of Application Services

I am a Director of Application Services at Esplanda. With my 9+ years in the Application Industry, I developed expertise in Application services and served the needs and requirements of an organization to achieve their goals. Read more...

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